Why am I blogging?

For years, I dismissed the idea of blogging. No time, none whatsoever!

But here I am, writing my first blog today. Why? Because as a university president, I get a lot of credit for things I had little to do with. The more I hear these accolades, the more I know that I am surrounded by people who do it all, and yet whose stories remain untold and whose glories remain unsung. This blog is about those unsung heroes. It is not about budgets, accountability, goals, or benchmarks; it is about PEOPLE in my university–for that matter in any university.

In the end, a university is not about bricks and mortar, it’s about people and how they interact with one another to create a magical place–students with their dreams for their future, faculty with their passion for learning, staff with their devotion for service, alumni with their love for their alma mater, and supporters with their belief in the betterment of the society.

As a university president, I witness this magic every day in my life and it fills me with hope and inspiration. Yet, I am too busy to experience it fully…too busy running to my next appointment, or too distracted by that difficult phone call I just had to take, or too lost in my thoughts to solve an unfolding crisis. Admittedly, not every interaction in my daily life is inspirational. I see my share of bad behavior and selfish people, but their interactions are not what I store in my heart.  What I store in my heart is what I will share in this blog.

So, if you are looking for some inside scoop or thought-provoking ideas, you have the wrong address. If you are expecting daily or even regular blogs, sorry again. My blog will be sporadic, but it will be from my heart, and will celebrate all that is RIGHT with our universities today.

Finally, let me mention Nelda Blair, my Board Chair, for inspiring me to undertake blogging. She just started her own blog called ATexanTakesThe5th ( a great blog, by the way) which made me think, “With her incredibly busy life, if she can do it, what’s my excuse?”

So here I go….Should you decide to read my future blogs, happy reading!