All it takes is a second…

Last week, I was involved in a car accident while on my way to meet a Texas Senator in Austin. I was in the front passenger seat with my friend driving and only half a mile from the Austin airport when a car hit us from the side at a cross-section. Our car spun 180 degrees and then turned on its–my side–with my head just inches from the pavement. The impact dragged the car a few feet before stopping it completely. We were trapped in the car until few people broke opened the back door. We walked away from the car unhurt!accident

I strongly believe that I am able to write this blog today because we were wearing seatbelts. I walked away from the wreck, which included shattered and broken windows all around us, without a scratch because there were side airbags in the car. Both of the drivers were amazing under stress…no emotional outbursts, no blame game, no cussing and no fussing. Everyone did what they needed to do and helped one another. The Austin police was awesome in their promptness and care toward us. Standing on the curb, I noticed that people driving by stared in awe for moment, but kept moving. No one slowed down to block the traffic or to create any kind of obstruction.

We did not use the ambulance, although it arrived within minutes. Forty minutes later when the cars were towed away, we hailed a taxi and proceeded to the Capitol. We stopped to get water on the way and arrived for my one-on-one meeting with apologies for our 15 minutes of tardiness. By looking at me or listening to my presentation, no one could guess that anything was out of the ordinary. I made my strong case for receiving state funds to support enrollment growth across the University of Houston System, and it was only after the meeting that I showed the senator the photo of the accident. Life moved on. None of the drivers in our case were distracted but all it took was a second for something to go wrong. So, please when driving…

Don’t use the phone…it can wait!

Don’t text…it can wait!

Don’t read…it can wait!

Wear your seat belt…every single time!

Count your blessings…always!

I was very lucky, but please be very careful on the road!


10 thoughts on “All it takes is a second…

  1. I am so thankful that you are o.k. I am also thankful for so such a strong and dedicated leader who, on our behalf, carried on with your meeting and representing us. I thank God for preserving you.

  2. Oh no Chancellor!! I’m so glad you were ok. You are truly amazing and inspiring. I probably would have been a mess for the rest of the day, but you still completed your task, without being frazzled. Good job!

  3. God is looking after you to do His great work. It happened 4 times in my life or more. A Rookie driver driving a stick dropped by at Rolla, MO to see a friend survived a car accident in summer of 1993 during a vacation in Florida. On my way back to St. Loius to attend an international conference, I momentarily day-dreamed on I-44 on left most lane to over-correct sharply to get-off the lanes between two semi-trailers head on to an electic pole in Stanton, MO. My seat belt saved me with a bloody nose-dive to steering wheel. Car was totalled when the engine took the brunt of the collision evenly at the middle saving my life without overturning. Another accident in Arlington, VA totalled my next car without no injury to me due to seat belt. Two 360 degree hydro-panes in Baltimore-Washington DC inter-state high during busy traffic in 1994 and at Westheimer and Chimney Rock turning last month during 5:30-PM traffic completely untouched by any vehicle giving me an acrobatic experience of God’s Lila – surprising……..Thanks God we are alive and well in our passion and mission doing work….happily ever after unperturbed.

  4. Dear Chancellor Khator – I’m so releived that you were left unhurt and obviously unduanted by this car wreck. I appreciate your cool under duress and take seriously your words of caution with regards to distracted driving. I willing to bet that the Senator will think long and hard about casting his/her vote in favor of your funding proposal

  5. Renu..I was a bit breathless until I got to the end of your description and its mean so much to us all. Coaches we can replace but not Renu.

    Please take care

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